Last week was calm, this week is wild and fun as we run into Spoopy season!! I can't remember where Spoopy season comes from so if you do, send it to me (lol). Regardless, Spoopy season is the best season with pumpkin carving 🎃 the holiday season kickoff, and best of all - Cold Weather ❄️ (yay!)

Because of all this fun, there is an October challenge I'm kicking off with the help of my mom (who loves to get creative). I'll be publishing everyday this month with my responses to wild and wacky prompts that even I don't know, so tune in each day for the weirdness. I even created a tab at the top called "Spoopy" for you to find them all 👍🏼

On Site

Learning Japanese in 6 Months: Month Four Update (4 min)

With all the fun things unfolding above and below, it's hard to remember that I'm already 4 months into learning Japanese! Read up if you wanna see how I'm doing.

Spoopy Season Challenge (1 min)

Goes deeper into the details for the challenge such as each article is written in 30 minutes and published no matter what at the end (even if it's not done).

Challenge Day 1: Tik-Tok (3 min) (...this is not a Kesha reference or app)

Challenge Day 2: The Best "Worst" (4 min)

If you can only read one of the above, I think Day 2 is pretty funny, but they're all great. Have fun and read these when you can (like the bathroom 😜)

Off Site

Japan group offers coffins, chainsaws for stress relief (2 min)

Japan + Halloween = Nothing better (except Christmas and Easter, but you get the point)

The Army Rolls Out a New Weapon: Strategic Napping (3 min)

Napper's Rejoice! The army now backs you and your call to an afternoon nap, which means if anyone gives you trouble, you can remind them $700B of the US budget supports nappers; so they should too.

Why Were Medieval Europeans So Obsessed With Long, Pointy Shoes? (5 min)

For today's fun and wild history lesson, here's a weird one: pointy shoes, but like really long pointy shoes. They stuck some gross things in the shoes too in order for them to keep their long on to find out what :P

Quote of the Week

"If human beings had genuine courage, they'd wear their costumes every day of the year, not just on Halloween." - Douglas Coupland

Wrap Up

This was a tad longer than normal, but also has so many more fun and wild things for you to enjoy! I hope last week's "calm" helped you prep for the now crazy and sporadic :P

If you like the stories above let me know; and let others know as I'm aiming for 100 subscribers by the end of the year!

Thanks for Reading!




Image by nancy sticke from Pixabay