Brad In Japan: Travel Day

A play-by-play of my travel day to Japan

Brad In Japan: Travel Day
Photo by Philip Myrtorp / Unsplash

And So it Begins...

2:30 am (next day) - I made it! Lots of fun on the plane, a mad rush through the quarantine area and customs, and now trying to figure out what to do next. That's it for this post but stay tuned as I bring more with the fun sites of Japan!

3:10 pm - We had a delay due to the plane but seems to be moving! Japan, here we come!

2:28 pm - Boarded and ready for take-off to Narita!

11:49 am - Landed in SFO! I was able to take a nap... but apparently not long enough because I went to the bathroom and left my water bottle!?! I had to run back like a mad man and laughed at myself, haha.

7:26 am - Boarded on the plane and awaiting take-off :) Hopefully, I'm able to sleep a little.

6:05 am - Checked my bags, got my boarding pass, made it through TSA, and am waiting at the gate. Went way smoother than we thought it would.

4:55 am - Final packing complete and car loaded. Time to drive :)

3:45 am - Awake and not able to sleep due to the excitement! I should probably sleep more, but will likely nap as soon as I'm on the first leg (HOU > SFO).

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