If you've even looked Disney's way over the last few months, then you're well acquainted with their new play-gone-movie, Alexander Hamilton. A wonderful retelling of Hamilton's life and impact on the nation of the free that is littered with quotes too good to stay hidden. Below are my top 5 in case you missed them.

Tomorrow there'll be more of us! - Cast

I loved this one as it reminds us that no matter how big a part we play in movements, we are still but a cog in the wheel. There will be more of us tomorrow and that means we need to plan to leave where we are. We must prepare for the next generation with open arms and help instill the same ideals into them.

If you stand for nothing Burr, what will you fall for? - Hamilton

We hear of the brave a courageous who will "die by the sword" and who laugh at fear, but to be that person, you must stand on a side and be willing to die for it. Otherwise, like Burr, we will simply be participants of nothing. Life asks us to choose a side everyday - good or evil.

I'd rather be divisive than indecisive - Hamilton

How many times do we hesitate to do something because of the way we'll be perceived? Are we too afraid to stand up when we watch someone do something to harm another? Mocking a friend of yours, belittling others, laughing at another's misery?

[The Constitution] is full of inconsistencies - Arron Burr
So is independence. - Hamilton

This one hit hard. The constitution is the document that we use as the basis for every decision in America. Guns? Constitution. Property (slaves)? Constitution. Voting rights? Constitution. And yet, even the founding fathers understood how hard it was to maintain freedom and control at the same time. We have to remember it's a piece of paper that we agree to follow, but can be changed.

Where do we draw the line? - Hamilton

In this one Hamilton is talking to Jefferson about the aid France needs in their revolution. Hamilton's argument is drawn off the basis of, we may want to help, but if we start with one, we'll have to help them all. At what point do we draw the line and say no? Never? Does the line move with how we feel? Where is it?

Which Stuck Out to You?

Any quotes you remember that you wish were here? Email me and I'll update it with guest quotes :) Or just let me know your favs and I'll fanguy with you!