Day 16 Prompt

For The Spoopy Season Challenge: "What is your best memory from school?"

Initial Thoughts

I can remember all the way back to elementary and flying like a dragon with my friends on the playground, to the times where I played in symphonic band, all the way to the time I competed in Mr. Cy-Woods (a beauty pageant for dudes). But I got one that I think takes the cake...

Frozen 2

I love setting up events for people and finding ways to make it easy for people to add a date to their calendar and just show up. It's cool because if you do it right, everyone has fun with their friends, saves some money, has little to no headaches, and leaves happy with a smile.

It sounds like a dream for that to ever happen, but I had it happen one time really well and it was when Frozen 2 was coming out.

It started as a joke: Brad's gonna buy like 10 tickets cause he never does anything simple.

Which was true up to this point. I'd done a pizza night where I bought 400 pizza rolls, had tried other movie nights with 8+ people, and just tired to do big things and invite lots of people. Can't disappoint the people, so 10 tickets it was.

After buying 10 tickets

I had a momentary issue of having too many tickets and no one wanting to come. "Frozen 2? Nah bruh." Which meant I now had 9 tickets to get rid of asap...

I invited everyone.

"Do you wanna see Frozen 2 Friday night?"


"Do you wanna see Frozen 2?"

"When? Friday? Sorry, busy that night."

No one still wanted to see it. So I sold the tickets after only confirming 5 and said "we'll keep it low-key."

"Can I come?"

Apparently word got around though and people I hadn't thought to ask came to me and asked if I still had tickets. Even though I'd just sold them back, I said "Yeah, sure! Feel free to bring a friend."

Immediately I bought 10 more despite my efforts not days earlier, but just in case. This time though, they flew out of my hands.

"I wanna come!"

"You still have tickets? I'll take 2!"

I had to buy more tickets.

"Can I get 4?"

And more.

"Hey, someone I know sent you a Venmo for 3 tickets."

And more.

Before I knew it, we were a HUGE group. Tickets were all over and people needed to be seated. I'd become a wedding planner for their evening with the big screen.

The day arrived

Friday and up until an hour before, I still had to buy tickets. It was so crazy that seating took me an hour to figure out with me drawing a little diagram for everyone and setting tickets up the way they needed to be.

We got there half an hour before the show and I scanned like 10 barcodes to redeem my tickets and began the work of sorting and filing to make it all quick and easy for people to pick up.

Everyone showed up slowly but surely and we were able to hand the tickets out in minutes with me also dropping a QR code for 10% off concessions. Best movie night ever.

When all was said and done, I'd bought 49 tickets and sat 48 people (only one person was sick). Everyone sat with someone they knew and I only had one complaint about a seating arrangement (and it was because I didn't know they knew each other).

It was awesome.

We all cheered and laughed.

What an event. So fun, much savings, lots happiness (intentional poor grammar).

What's your favorite memory?

It's been fun reflecting on the good times and seeing why they make me feel the way they do. I enjoyed this because my planning and executing came out and it went so well I couldn't help but celebrate. Share your favs with me :) And as always,

Thanks for Reading!




Photo by Felix Mooneeram on Unsplash