Day 9 Prompt

For The Spoopy Season Challenge: "What is your description of a picture-perfect morning?"

Initial Thoughts

Most "picture perfect" mornings are those slow wake ups, do nothing, warm coffee, breeze by the beach kind of mornings. And while I initially thought that too, I'd say I prefer a much busier morning with a clear goal for the day.

The Morning

I imagine hearing the alarm go off and my eyes opening with a glimmer of excitement as I know the day holds a grand adventure and purpose. There's no meandering or indecision.

I would grab some water and a flavor packet and make my way to the living room to pray for 10 minutes as I know I struggle to focus beyond that in the morning (I like the night better). After, I'd throw some shoes on and head downstairs for a physical activity of some sort.

Normally the gym comes to mind, but it could be anything from a house project to building a wooden structure or cleaning up the plants outside. All that matters is that it be something physical that when done can be admired to a degree.

Now, we're only talking  just the morning though, so I'm about an hour in at around 8 am-ish having woken up around 6:30 and I'd stop to go shower.

This would be a good time to appreciate that the sun would be out, a few clouds in the sky, and a nice constant breeze blowing in to cool it all down. A perfect morning to read a book and meet with friends in a little bit.

Getting out and feeling clean while already feeling accomplished at having three things done, I'd look at my stack of books and be pumped to read. The stack involves philosophy books such as The Courage to Be Happy, all the way to fun fantasy reads like The Hobbit. After picking, I'd read for about an hour as any longer and my body starts to lose momentum. By this point we're close to 9:30.

This is where the real fun would begin. I'd be excited to meet with friends and talk about anything and everything for the next few hours, meeting up to go help at a local place (thinking it'd be the weekend), or otherwise, coffee and conversation.

The morning would be filled with purpose and clear goals of growth that may not show at the end of the day, but would be a satisfying step towards the end goal. Because of such a busy and event filled morning, I know the afternoon would feature a nap and lots of writing.

The morning maketh the day.

A Great Morning

I agree with the beach and chill morning vibes every now and then, but I find that the more you do in a day, the more accomplished and satisfied you feel at the end of it.

The reason this would be my perfect morning is because I know I struggle to wake up at the alarm. I struggle to find a reason to get out of bed in the morning and I lose interest in the things I want to do. I would have all those struggles gone and the morning would glide by as I did all the things I wanted.

It's hard to find the motivation every morning to do things and have a good time, but I think that's the cool thing about a "perfect morning" - it can be any morning.

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Photo by Charlie Hang on Unsplash