Day 23 Prompt

For The Spoopy Season Challenge: "Describe a household item without naming it."

Initial Thoughts

I like these describe ones as I find it's fun trying to come up with way to talk about the object without directly giving it away (or at least trying not to).

That said, hmmm, there are a lot of household items that could be used.

(Edit) I freakin love this stupid picture haha! I found it and thought it was super funny so I hope you enjoyed it or at least laughed too. (Edit)

A Household Item

This item is a fun item that I feel is underrepresented when it comes to things we think of.

Let's start with the part we hold.

Normally it's made of wood but recent productions feature plastic for the handle that can be 2-3 feet long. It's cylindrical in nature but thin and very simple as it's meant to blend in when not in use.

The part that is used though is much more intricate. Almost always made from plastic, this part of the household item is wide, half-circled, and empty.

Empty? Yes, as it's filled with air so that when in use it can create a vacuum seal to do it's job. No, it's not a vacuum. This item is good out in the open as much as is it is in the water which is where it normally gets used.

Where would you find it? In the bathroom. Did you guess it yet? How about if I say by the toilet ;) Haha, always there and hopefully never used but invaluable when needed...clogged toilets are no fun.

What's a common household item you don't think about much but feel you couldn't live without? Let me know! And as always,

Thanks for Reading!




Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay